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Need help? 0371 2000434 phone-icon.png

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any fees associated with the delivery of an eGift Card?

No, delivery is free of charge so you just pay the face value of the eGift Card.


Can I change the value of an eGift Card after I have paid for it?

No, it is not possible to alter the value of the eGift Card after payment.


How do I cancel an order for an eGift Card?

If your eGift Card has not yet been delivered because you have selected a future delivery date, you can cancel by contacting customer services on 0371 2000434. If the eGift Card has already been delivered, your purchase cannot be cancelled.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Maestro cards.


What will appear on my card statement?

Currys eGift Card orders are process by Voucher Express. This purchase will appear on your credit/debit card statement as 'Voucher Express'.


Can I buy an eGift Card and have it sent to myself?

Yes, you can. Many customers choose to have the eGift Card sent to themselves so they can print it off and present it as a gift. All you need to do is input your address in the delivery email fields.


Can I buy eGift Cards to re-sell?

No, re-sale of eGift Cards sold via this website is strictly prohibited. If you have a business enquiry regarding the purchase of eGift Cards, please contact the corporate team so that they can take more details and obtain the necessary permissions. Please note also that the use of any Currys imagery (including the logo) is prohibited unless you first obtain written permission from the corporate team. 



What does my recipient receive?

On your specified delivery date, your recipient will receive an email containing your gift message and a link to download thie eGift Card. They will need to correctly confirm their email address to download it. Once, they have confimed their email address, they will be presented with the eGift Card online.


Where and how can an eGift Card be redeemed?

Validly activated eGift Cards are redeemable in full or part payment for merchandise (excluding vending machine sales) in participating Currys stores where eGift Card services are available. eGift cards purchased in the UK can only be redeemed in Currys stores in the UK.

The eGift Card contains a barcode and it can be redeemed in-store at Currys by either presenting your mobile or a print out of the voucher at the checkout.


How long is an eGift Card valid for?

Currys eGift Cards expire 24 months from date of last use, e.g. spend or load.



How do I know that my recipient has actually received their eGift Card?

You will receive an email to confirm when your recipient has downloaded their eGift Card.


What happens if my printed eGift Card is stolen or copied?

Once you have downloaded your eGift Card, it is your responsibility to safeguard it against theft and it should be treated like cash. If some one else redeems it in full, your copy will no longer have any value. If you suspect that someone may have copied or stolen your eGift Card, please contact the Customer Services team immediately as any value that has not been redeemed can be blocked and a new eGift Card can be issued to you.